My first blog post….eeek!

So, here I am. Writing my first blog as The Declutter Darling.

So many questions were running through my head before I started this blog.

What should I write?

What will people want to read?

Will people even like it? (or even read it?!)

I’ve finally overcome my blogging fears and so here it is.

Let’s start with a bit more about me and what I do.

My name is Rachel Burditt, also known as The Declutter Darling. I live in South Leicestershire and run my own decluttering and organising business.

Im originally from Berkshire, hence why I also have a decluttering division in the South.

I moved to London to study Fashion, met my husband (who is from Leicester) and we eventually moved up to the Midlands and settled in Lutterworth, a small market town in South Leicestershire.

I have worked in fashion and also recruitment for many years before having my two little crazy ladies.

As like many mums, I really didn’t want to go back to an office job after having my two children, I wanted to do something for me that I was passionate about.

I have had a passion for organising ever since I became a property owner in my early twenties, this passion has progressed to a hobby over the years and after following numerous amazing professional organisers via Instagram, I bit the bullet and made it my career and so The Declutter Darling was born!

I have so many wonderful clients, who vary so widely, this is a part of my job that I really love. It might seem a cliche, but I am a people person and love to find out more about each individual client I have.

One day, I might be organising the wardrobe of a Footballers wife and the next helping out a working mum to declutter and organise boxes of outdated paperwork.

I adore helping people reach the calmness that a good declutter session can provide.

I am a fan and follower of Marie Kondo, and put into practice a number of her declutter and organising techniques. I am also a realist and understand that perfection cannot always be attained, 100% all of the time. I am a working mum and know how hard it is to keep your home in order, I want my clients to know that i have these struggles too!

So, that’s me and what i do.

I’ll be posting every week with decluttering tips and what I have been up to.

If you would like me to blog about anything more specific, please do comment and let me know. I’m always happy to share my thoughts on any decluttering and organising project as well as sharing my experiences with different clients.

Please do get in touch or comment below if you would like to book in a declutter consultation with the Declutter Darling, whether that is in Leicester, Berkshire or London.(Im also more than happy to chat to you if you live outside of these areas!)

Have a great week everyone.

The Declutter Darling




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