Virtual Decluttering

Working area in the interior

What is virtual decluttering?

I can now offer the services of the Declutter Darling straight to you, via your laptop/mobile/ipad – (basically whatever technology is best for you!)

We will arrange either a FaceTime or a Skype chat and discuss what you are looking for – even better if you can then virtually “walk me through” your home, showing me the hot spots or areas in which you would like to regain order in.

From this chat I will then provide you with my guidance, ideas and expertise in the form of a report.

This will be a step by step approach to how you can best clear the clutter and organise your home.

Obviously it is then up to you to implement this, but its a great way to utilise my expertise and services if you are on a smaller budget or don’t live in an area I can travel to.

Prices start at £100 for a basic package which includes:

  • Facetime/Skype chat
  • Full report breakdown on what the end goal is and how this can be achieved
  • Step by step list of actions to complete to declutter the room
  • Organising plan

Please do contact me to discuss other options for you. I can also include storage ideas, strategies and online shopping lists if required.