Hourly Rate

My hourly rate starts at £40 per hour.

This rate can be negotiated depending on the size of the job that needs completing, especially if multiple sessions are required.


I will provide a full consultation, completely free of charge.

This consultation will involve an in-depth discussion about what are each clients requirements and how The Declutter Darling can best assist each client.

Where possible, each consultation will be face to face although I am more than happy to FaceTime or Skype – whatever is the easiest solution for each individual client.

Declutter Removal

After each session, where possible, any declutter can be removed if not too large!

If it is too large, I will absolutely arrange all removal if required.


I am happy to travel approximately 30 miles within the East Midlands area.

Any trip exceeding this, a small fee for travel will be added.

Please do contact me to discuss your requirements and how best I can help you.