Hourly Rate

My hourly rate starts at £40 per hour.

This rate can be negotiated depending on the size of the job that needs completing, especially if multiple sessions are required.

A minimum number of hours I will book with you is 3.


My working day starts at 10am and ends by 4pm.

Overtime starts at 4 pm onwards and is charged at time and a half.


I will provide a full consultation, completely free of charge.

This consultation will involve an in-depth discussion about what are each clients requirements and how The Declutter Darling can best assist each client.

This can be either face to face, or I am more than happy to FaceTime or Skype – whatever is the easiest solution for each individual client.


I cover a large amount of the UK, from London and the South East through to the Midlands, Yorkshire and beyond!

Please do contact me to discuss your requirements and how best I can help yo